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The Community
This is my Icon community where I will post all my icons and other stuff like moodthemes etc that I make. This community is viewable to all.
The Rules
1. Comment. Please I would love to know what you think.
2. Credit. chelsea_icons/charmingchelsea in keywords or comments. Don't know
how? Go Here. For Moodthemes, screencaps etc just credit in user info or resources post.
3. No customization. Textless icons are not bases
4. No direct linking. Please don't use my bandwidth, kindly save to your own server.
Below are the fandom’s I will mostly icon, as well as the actresses
and actors that appear in those shows. However at times I may
post other random fandoms or actors.
* Alias * Angel * Arrow * Big Bang Theory * Blacklist * Blood Ties *
* Buffy * Charmed * Dark Angel * Firefly * Flash * Friends *
* Game of Thrones * Gilmore Girls * izombie * Jane the Virgin *
* Jessica Jones * Orange is the New Black * Originals *
* Pretty Little Liars * Roswell * Supernatural * Teen Wolf *
* Ugly Betty * Vampire Diaries * Veronica Mars *
* Walking Dead * Hunger Games * Disney Classics *

All of my resource credits can be located here.